For better service, ABSG established the U.S. Notary to provide the following notary services:

●Birth Certificate, Death Certificate
●Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Certificate Of Kinship
●Division Of Property Notarization, Combination Of Property Notarization, Testament Notarization, Property Notarization
●Certificate For Non-Criminal, Oath Notarization, Notarization Of Signing Authority
●Contract Negotiation And Organization Notarization, Notarization Of Contract Signing, Notarization Of Original And Copy, Testimony Notarization, Certificate Of Employment, Notarization Of Proxy And Authorization
●Diploma Notary, Transcript Of Notarization, Notarization Of Business Document, Achievement Notarization


The materials go for the U.S. Notary includes:
A. The transcript, graduation certificate, diploma etc. for the study in the U.S.
B. The proof materials of working, marriage, kinship etc. for immigration to the U.S.
C. The signing of the business documents and the proxy notarized by the lawyer or the notaries.


Notary Location: the United States

Notary fees: costs of the notary + travel expenses (if involving the travel of the notaries)