Training & Exchange


We focus on a variety of cultural and educational exchange programs to promote the cultural and educational exchanges between the United States and China, enhance the mutual understanding and communication between the two peoples, and cultivate the international new talents who are familiar with Western society, and with good command of English, cross-cultural thinking, and global perspective and with strong competitiveness.

Our staffs in this field have a wealth of work experience and the experience of studying and living abroad. We provide the comprehensive consulting of the exchange programs, private schools, and the advanced education in the U.S.

We provide the students the professional advice and training of admission, visa, preparations, intercultural communication and English.

We provide life planning and advice for the students who intend to further study in the U.S. to help them adjust to American life and study and avoid detours.

We have a long-term cooperation relationship with the U.S. law firms. So we also provide preliminary legal advice on the life in the U.S. to reduce or avoid the interference you may encounter in your study and life.

We have provided dozens of students professional consulting of participating in the academic exchange programs, studying in the private schools and colleges and universities in the U.S. and helped them improve English, the skill of admission and visa interview and the communication skill of cross-cultural. We have achieved a good reputation among the parents and students.

We have established good relationships of cooperation with several exchange program organizations, private schools and colleges and universities in the U.S. Through the cooperation and communication with them, we are able to timey grasp the needs of American education, and the performance feedback of all aspects of the Chinese students in the United States, which is beneficial to us to provide the targeted guide and training for the students who will go to the U.S.