Training & Exchange

Training Program


The training service department of ABSG (operated and managed by its subsidiary American Southeast United Institute )is in charge of development, implementation and assessment of all the training courses and seminar. The training service is managed by the staffs with rich experience, good qualification and multi-cultural background.

Our customers include government agencies of country, state(province) or lower level, multilateral and bilateral development organizations, non-governmental organizations and private enterprises. With the advanced technology and knowledge, we provide the courses according to the interests and demands of the customers. Based on the background of customers, they can achieve their own expectations in a highly participatory process.


All the training courses include trips and visits, so that the participants can experience the ongoing projects and trading activities, which is a major feature of the training. In every course provided by Institute for International Development, trips and visits is used as aids to fill the space of finance, economic, law and the practice of technique.


We believe that you and your company may benefit a lot from our training courses. Please fill the application form. For help, please send an e-mail, so that we can provide the targeted services.


 We aim to



●Promote the rule of Law, Good Governance and Development through Capacity Building.
●Offer relevant and needed training programs for professionals.
●Create tailor made programs that meet the needs and interests of each of clients.
●Have professional staff with extensive cross-cultural experience.
●Have an interests to improve development strategies in developing and transitional countries around the world.


 Offered Programs



●Negotiation Techniques
●Leadership Development and Organizational Behavior
●Project Feasibility Analysis and Appraisal
●Project Management
●Project Monitoring and Evaluation
●Government Procurement/International Procurement
●Procurement Audit and Evaluation
●Anti-Corruption/Good Governance
●Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
●Financial Sector Reform
●Banking Restructuring, Capital Markets Developments, Insurance, and Pension Reform
●Managing Privatization & Post-Privatization
●Anti-Money Laundering and Prevention of Financial Frauds
●Cyber Law and Cyber Crime
●Trade Policy and Negotiation
●Investment Climate and Private Sector Development
●Alternative Dispute Resolution
●Judicial Reform
●Legislative Drafting and Oversight
●Financial Management for the Legislative and Judicial Branches


 Upcoming and Customized Programs



●Project Monitoring and Evaluation
●Finance, Banking, Privatization
●Oil, Gas Natural Resources
●Telecommunications, Waster, Road, and Infrastructure Development
●Electricity and Water Laws
●Tax Law
●International Legal Transactions
●Knowledge Management and Leadership Skills
●Energy Development: Current and Future Challenges
●Education Sector Reform
●Government Accountability and Transparency
●Public-private Partnerships
●Global Warming and Disaster Management
●Tax and Tax System
●Industry & Commerce and the System of Industry &Commerce
●Management and Development of Big Private Enterprises
●International Education
●Medical, Pharmaceutical and Nursing Industry