Training & Exchange

Exchange Program

 Exchange Program for the middle school students



Through the program, the foreign students can study for up to one year in the certified public or private schools in the United States. During the stay, the exchange students may live in the host family or the certified boarding school in the United States. As full-time students, the exchange students study no less than one semester (or the equivalence to a semester in the quarter system), or more than one academic year. In the fist enrollment (the first day of the semester) , the age of the exchange students should be within 15 years old to 18 and a half years old, or they haven’t finish the learning of the 11-year school (excluding nursery school) education. The students who have participated in any of the exchange programs can no longer participate in the exchange programs.


 Winter/Summer Vacation Program



Go to the United States in winter vacation or summer vacation, for 3-4 weeks, which includes English learning activities, host family communication, cultural communication, and visit. Study in the learning center or school in the morning from Monday to Friday. The courses are taught by the American teachers, and they include language training, discussion and games, etc. The students who live in the host families will be picked up by the families. They can fully communicate with the family members, and they can for an outing and participate in activities with the families in the weekends. What they will visit and tour are communities, famous companies, Disneyland, Hollywood and so on.


 Teacher Program



The program allows the foreigners teaching in the certified American primary and secondary education institutions for up to 3 years.

They must:
●Have the teacher’s qualification authentication in their countries or in the legal residences.
●Have no less than 3-year teaching or related experiences which meet the standards of the State that school is located.
●Be with good reputation and moral characters. It is a full-time job in the United States.
●Be professional in English.


 Trainee Program



Through the program, the participants may get the chance of systematic training to improve their professional skills, and the knowledge of American technology, methods and skills in the field.

The occupational categories of the trainee program include:
●Culture and Art
●Information Media
●Education, Social Science, Librarianship, Consulting and Social Service
●Management, Business, Operations and Financial
●Health care
●Science, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industry
●Construction and Building Trades
●Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry
●Public Administration and Law


 Specialist Program



The “Specialist” here refers to the specialized personnel who inspect, consult and demonstrate special technology with special knowledge and skills in the certain aspects (excluding professors, researchers, short-term scholars and foreign doctors). Some representative major fields include: mass media, environmental science, youth leadership, international education and communication, museology, labor law, public administration and librarianship.

The Specialist Program is for promoting the communication of the specialists in scientific research institutions, government agencies, museums, companies, libraries and similar institutions. The longest term of the program is one year.。


 Au Pair Program



Through the program, the foreigners aged between 18 and 26 may directly participate in the host families and provide the limited babysitting for up to 12 months. The work time can not be more than 10 hours a day and 45 hours in a week. The participants will be paid by the Fair Labor Standards Act which is interpretated and implemented by the US Department of Labor. The host family should pay the participants $500 at most for their necessary study.

The participants must be proficient in spoken English and are required to complete learning program of at least 6 hours or the equivalent learning program of the certified colleges and universities or post-secondary schools in the United States.


 Educare Program



Educare Program is one category of Au Pair Program. The host family should pay the participants education expense of the total amount which is no more than $1000. The foreigners take the program for no more than one year; the participants must provide babysitting service for no more than 10 hours a day and 30 hours in a week; and they signed in the certified community colleges (post-secondary schools) and attended the course of at least 12 hours.

Besides meeting the general qualification and requirements, the applicants for Educare Program should also ensure that:
●Aged between 18 and 26 years old;
●High school graduate or with the equivalent certificate;
●Proficient in spoken English;
●With good physical examination result for proving to be throughout involved in the program;
●Pass the interview in English by the sponsor representative. (interviewer will provide the host family an interview report)
●Pass the background investigation, including:
---School Accreditation
---Three letters of recommendation of unrelated individual or unit
---Criminal records or he similar certified survey
---Character profile. It is based on a psychological test, which aims to find out the characters that can not meet the factors of successfully participating in the program.


 Alien Physician Program



The US State Department provide the alien medical graduates with the opportunity of studying and training in the American medical institutions or educational institutions after graduation; or provide the communication opportunities of inspection, consultation, teaching and research activities etc. The only sponsor of the program is the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).

The Alien Physician applicants may choose the following projects: (the requirements of different projects vary)
●Clinical exchange program;
●Non-clinical exchange program;
●Public Health and Preventive Medicine program.