Global Trade


The affiliated trade enterprises of American Business Service Group will trade for the domestic and international market, especially for the South America market and the newly developed Chinese market. For the foreign enterprises and personal assets with commercial demands, we assist to protect and legally transfer the property.

Our services include attracting investment for foreign government and enterprises, diplomacy delegation, press release and training, notary, study abroad and exchange, as agent to set up American owned enterprise, and house purchasing etc.

American Business Service Group, LLC has great influence on the market of North America and South America.

To expand the market and serve the customers from mainland China, ABSG is seeking the business cooperation with Chinese government and enterprises. We also provide the plan of administrative trusteeship and business service for the newly registered subsidiaries in America and other types of company and entity which lacks the ability of management and operation.

As a group which serves the American and Chinese enterprises, we often received the request that some Chinese enterprises are eager to gain access to the U.S. market. With the professional standards of service, rich experience and sustained attention on the new trend of trade, we successfully assist lots of Chinese enterprises into the U.S. market. At the same time, we established good relationship with local U.S. law offices to ensure to accord with the laws, regulations and requirements in the United States. We have a comprehensive management on the process of international trade, and put the security of import and export business at the first place. We provide one-stop outsourcing services to help the customers improve their competitiveness.