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American Business Service Group, LLC gives Chinese enterprises, along with their products an access to break into North and South American Market. We have made many special cooperation plans to be helpful in enhancing your companies’ influence in those potential markets.

When your products sell well, the subordinate of ABSG---Dynasty Investment & Management, LLC will invest in expanding your production scale;

When your company has a certain production capacity, ABSG will try to seek more orders for you;

When your products have some influence, especially when they are much needed in American markets, ABSG will cooperate with you in the way that we engage in doing processing or sample processing for your products.

After a preliminary assessment of your products, if we think it’s possible to launch your products in the United States and South America, ranging from machinery, household appliance, digital, mineral, energy, chemical, hardware, textile, clothing, and paper products, etc. If you have any order or demand, welcome to contact our Chongqing Office to discuss the details.


Form: Chinese products selling in the US
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Form: Chinese products selling in the US

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