Company Formation

Know your registration agent



What is registration agent?
Registration agents refer to those individuals or corporations who receive the government documents and legal documents and transfer them to the customers. Those documents may be the franchise tax reports of the secretary of the state, (deliver to you) the prosecution documents of your corporation by some certain parties.


Why do I need a registration in Delaware?
You have to because of the Delaware Law. Article 132 and Article 18-104 of the Company Act of Delaware respectively provide that, “in the duration, all the companies shall have a registration agent in Delaware.” Some companies may claim to be the registration agent, but why do we need to have the registration agent? Firstly, Delaware Law requires this. Secondly, this make the companies focus on their own business, rather than following up on the things of the government and legal documents. Moreover, most companies do not want to disclose the information of some potential creditors, while selecting a single registration agent may meet their needs.


When do I need a registration agent?
When you first register a company in Delaware, you need a registration agent, and in the duration of your company, you will always need the registration agent, especially in the period of paying annual franchise tax. The registration like us can provide the customer corresponding service to ensure the customer receive the franchise tax timely.


What is the cost of having a registration agent in Delaware?
The registration agent fees are paid annually, and the annul fee varies from $50 to $250. We charge only $50 each year, which is the lowest price of this field. And we promise the fee will not increase in the duration of your company!


How do I select registration agent?
You can purchase our service packages. The registration agent fee of first year is included in the price of the package. You do not need to do anything later besides paying $ 50 (the lowest price of this field) for the annual agent fee. We will do all the other things!