Company Formation

Pre-registration matters



On this page, you will get some useful information you should know before or after you register a company, including opening the business bank account, getting local business license, the first formal meeting and some other details.


●What should I do before the registration of the company?
●Where should I register company?
●Why Delaware?
●How can I get help about the registration of company?
●Who should I turn to for applying for federal tax ID?
●How to become a S-Corporation?
●Where can I open a bank account?
●When to hold the firs meeting?
●How to comply with the rules and regulations of local government?
●Why so many forms and procedures are needed?


What should I do before the registration of the company?

First step—choose one type of the nature of the company in Delaware: Stock Corporation, Close Corporation, Non-stock Company, Limited Liability Company, and Limited Partnership. For more information of the differences, please click “Different types of companies”.

If you choose Stock Corporation or Close Corporation, you need to set the number of the shares. For more information, please click”Understand your company’s shares”

The Second step — choose a package of our company to meet your needs: Basic Package, Standard Package, and Advanced Package. Our service packages are pre-pricing and the price includes all the state application fee, registration fee and transportation costs. No any hidden costs.

The Third step – choose a name and an affixes for your company. The affixes are: Incorporated (or Inc.),Corporation(or Corp.),Company(or Co.)and Limited(or Ltd.).For Limited Liability Company, only LLC, L.L.C. or Limited Liability Company are allowed.

Note: the following words can not be used in your company name: “bank”, “insurance”, “trust”, “university”, or “college”.

We can free check if the company name you chose is available.


Where should I register company?

No mandatory rules for registering the company in the actual location or the occurred place of the all or most of the businesses.

No matter the size of your business and the domestic and international business, it is your best choice to register a company in Delaware.

For more reasons, please read on……


Why Delaware?

Many companies chose Delaware because they enjoy the convenience and considerable interests in tax obligations and legal protection for the favorable business environment in Delaware. A small part is listed as follows:
●In Delaware, a person can serve all management positions;
●There is no minimum requirement of bank account balance of the company in Delaware, while many other states require the bank account balance of the company should reach $ 1000.00;
●The owner of the company can choose not to disclose the identity information for privacy when submit the registration documents in Delaware;
●The state does not levy income taxes on the business which is not carried out in Delaware;
●The company registered in Delaware enjoys the rights and interests of particular legal system and the court of equity at the same time. They both have the unique way to settle the legal disputes, which allows the business owners to focus on the long run of the company, not be exhausted in the cumbersome proceedings of the court. The legal system and the judicial procedures only exist in Delaware;
●Directors may freely set the price of the shares they want to sell;
●Registering a company in Delaware is simple. And through our online registration, phone registration, and mail registration is faster, easier and more affordable;
●Any one may register a company in Delaware through us even without coming to Delaware. On the fast processing the applications for company registration, Delaware Corporate Affairs is the best. And they encourage the entrepreneurs across the country and the world come here to register a company.


How can I get help about the registration of company?

Though us, you only need a few keystrokes or make a phone call. You may get online help on the website or call1-866-925-0600 for experts consulting! Or you may email us:


Who should I turn to for applying for federal tax ID?

We can help you get an employer identification number with a fee. You only need to choose the appropriate option in the registration package of our company. Or you can apply to IRS, the telephone number is 1-800-829-4933. You should be prepared for a long time to get through.

Non-US citizens shall meet the additional requirements of IRS. We are glad to help you with extra fees. Please call us at 1-866-925-0600 or visit our tariff page for more information.


How to become a S-Corporation?

When you registered a company and decided to apply for the tax benefits of S Corporation, you need to complete IRS 2553 Form and send it to the office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (The form is included in our Standard Package and Express Package, and can be downloaded from the website. Or we can help you submit the application form with a fee.)

For the application for S Corporation, IRS does not charge any fees.


Where can I open a bank account?

One of the advantages of registering a company in Delaware is that, there is no need to open a bank account of the company in Delaware. Most of our customers choose to open a bank account in the place (state or country) which is convenient to operate bank transactions.


When to hold the firs meeting?

There is no provision about the time of the first meeting in the law of Delaware. However, from the perspective of commercial operation, you shall hold a meeting after the establishment as soon as possible. At the meeting, you need arrange the management of the Board of Directors, shareholders, management staffs and issuing shares etc. And you need to deal with any contractual agreements of your company, such as leases, loan agreements etc.


How to comply with the rules and regulations of local government?

You company will be regarded as a domestic company in the state you registered and as a foreign company in all other states. For making better use of the legal system of Company Law, Delaware is the best choice for the domestic company.

If your company needs run out of the registered state, we can help you accomplish those complicated forms for other states.

The local business license is issued by the state, county, and local certification institution. You can log for queries. The website provides the links of the related information of where to get the business license.


Why so many forms and procedures are needed?

One of the main reasons of registering a corporate entity in a form of Stock Corporation, Close Corporation, Non-stock Company, Limited Liability Company, or Limited Partnership is to set a protective barrier between your personal property and your business.

Sometimes, in order to get your personal property, the creditors may find weaknesses and un-standardized aspects in this barrier. That is why you are supposed to separate your personal financial transactions and properties from the operation of the company.