Company Formation

Avoid all kinds of hidden fee



You should be aware that how do some companies hide the actual fee.

30 years, we have witnessed the fate of hundreds of competitors. As they joining and leaving, we carefully found out about their operations and did some information collection. Many companies are using the method to attract more customers.

When compared our quotation with the other company’s quotation, please pay particular attention to the following listed hidden fees:
●State application fee
●Registration agent fee
●Transportation fee
●Processing fee


For the price, service, and the processing cycle, we promise it.



Some companies may package their services, and set an attractive package price. Later, some fee which they did not inform you at first will be added.

So, the actual fee will be more than you expected.


Other methods of the companies to hide the actual fee:

●Registration agent fees are not included in the package price.
●Declared that the you can enjoy the “free” registration agent fee for 3-6 months
●Declared that the registration agent fee is free for 1 year, but in fact, ended at the end of the year. Then you will receive the bill of the registration agent fee for the next year.
●The registration agent fee for the next year will be much higher than the firs year. (Which they “forget” to mention)
●The longer your company exists, the more your registration agent fee will increase.


Other contents that they “ignore”:

●They set restrictions on the so-called customer service, so you have to spend extra fee or struggle to get what you want.
●Your name and address will be included in the mailing list and be sold or rented to those market traders.
●They may take several weeks to process your case, so you won’t receive the complete registration documents in a few days. Even you need to wait for 3-6 weeks!


The company registration fee we charge:
●Application fee in Delaware
●Electronic application fee at that day
●Registration agent fee (12 months)
●All the shipping fee
●Support lifetime customer service