Company Formation

The benefits for alien residents



Rights and interests the expatriates of non-residents of the state enjoy when register a company

In recent yeas, many foreign trustees and lawyers hope we can help them register a company in Delaware for the consideration of perfect business and strategies.

In accordance with the regulations of IRS, Limited Liabilities in Delaware Company with single member is equal to disregarded entities, which means it need not pay the income tax in the U.S. or submit reports regularly. (In some cases, to get the specific tax preference, it is a wise choice for the combination of Limited Liabilities Company in Delaware and the company of another nature (such as Stock-Corporation in Delaware or UK limited Company) to operate together. You can consult your lawyer and seek the help of financial advisors.) If you choose us, you may enjoy the lowest price in the field and get the fast and perfect service.


Why Delaware?

1.No need to disclose personal information

For most of our international customers, it is very significant to protect the personal information not to be disclosed. Many customers choose to register the single member Limited Liability Company in Delaware as one of the strategies to protect their personal information. Limited Liability Company in Delaware make the personal identities of the customers not be public, which can not be done by most international jurisdictions. As the registration agent in Delaware, we do not keep any information about the beneficiary and there is no requirement of opening the identity information of the beneficiary.


2.Exclusive Rights and Interests

●The individual take the limited responsibilities only based on the amount of investment;
●Asset protection: appropriate managements of the company structure can avoid the creditors’ propositions.
---Family Limited Partnerships in Delaware
---Stock-Corporations and Limited Liabilities Companies in Delaware
---Trust Companies in Delaware
●Make up the lack of insurance and fight for the defense in the proceedings
●No need for paying the U.S. tax! No need for submitting the application when registering single member Limited Liability Company
●Implement tax deduction on the losses and the operating expenses, including medical expenses
●Increase trust on the existing and potential customers
●Allowed raising funds by sell the shares to the investors


3.Real Estate Ownership

If you own real estate in other countries, you can protect your ownership by many ways, including holding the property by with the name of Limited Liability Company in Delaware. The structure has flexibility for the planning and protection your asset.


4.Other causes

It is legal for some international customers to preserve the non-publicity of their identities by the way of registering single member Limited Liability Company. If the customers own a company in his country, he can register a company operating abroad in Delaware, and transfer all the shares to Limited Liability Company in Delaware. Limited Liability Company in Delaware can protect the non-publicity of the customers’ information for the reason that there is no need to disclose the identities of the members and the managers of the company in accordance with the law in Delaware. All the arrangements and details are handled by the private operation agreement. It provides the corporation owners a great flexibility.


As part of our international services, we will prepare the documents and submit the registration application of Limited Liability Company for you. And in the second working day, we will deliver you the copy of registration certificate marked with the Hague International Certificate through DHL or Federal Express.