Company Formation

Corporate Compliance



Include the registration agent fee, franchise taxes, annual maintenance fees and other legal requirements of corporate compliance.


What is Corporate Compliance?

Corporate Compliance means that the steps of taken by the company to avoid the violation of provisions. To get the protection of your personal property, set up a company is the first and the most important step. However, in order to maintain the protection, your commercial operation shall be isolated from your personal and your company shall meet the operational requirements of the year. Annual maintenance includes meetings, preserving the minutes of meeting, drafting authorized resolution of the corporate behavior, keeping its registration agent, and paying franchise tax.


What are the legal requirements of the company’s annual maintenance?

There are only two requirements of the company’s annual maintenance in Delaware: 1, paying franchise tax; 2, keep company’s registration agent. If violates any of the requirements, the company shall be cancelled, with a fine, and administratively dissolved.


How to pay the franchise tax and the registration agent fee? 

You are allowed to pay the franchise tax and the registration agent fee quickly by our services. Meanwhile, for the low cost, we shall submit the report of franchise tax to Delaware State before the deadline to avoid the cancelation of company qualification or fines.


When shall I pay the franchise tax and the registration agent fee?

For ordinary company, the deadline of paying franchise tax is March 1 of each year; for Limited Liability Company, the deadline is June 1 of each year. For our services, the deadline of the registration agent fee is anniversary date of each year. Do not worry; the notice of the deadline will be issued by us.


Why did franchise tax report mail to my registration agent but not myself?

It is the most important work for the registration agents in Delaware to send and receive the franchise tax report. The only way for the Secretary of State to get the important reports of those companies like the franchise tax report is through the registration agents for no need for providing the owner’s address and principle place of business of the company registered in Delaware. Our system is connected to state governments, thus we are able to print out your franchise tax report directly in our office. If you need, we can get your copy version even if you lose your originals given by state government.

The only thing you need to do is focusing on your business itself; we will deal with the other things.